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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to build my own website?

Absolutely! We have built Chasi with you in mind. Our web builder is super easy to use and our free templates make it super easy to get started. Don’t worry! We are still here to help, find our videos on Chasi+ or hire us to design a site for you.

How do I use a custom domain?

You can purchase a custom domain during signup and in your Chasi account. If you have purchased a domain from a third-party, go to Chasi+ support for further assistance on how to point your domain to Chasi.

What about email accounts?

Our Pro Services team will help you setup your third-party email accounts such as Gmail. We find it most stable and reliable to use a trusted email provider.

How do I make my site mobile friendly?

All our free templates are mobile friendly and our visual web builder has various modes for different screen sizes for easy visual editing.

I need support, what should I do?

Please visit Chasi+ for 24/7 support or hire our team to handle all your design services.

Do I need to know how to code?

Chasi uses a front end visual editor so no coding is required. Chasi is built to cover all skill levels so its super easy to get rolling!

Should I hire a web designer or web developer?

Chasi is super easy to use but if you are busy and prefer to let the pros handle your design. We strongly (unbiasedly of course) suggest you hire our Pro Services team since we built Chasi and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

How do I get my website on Google?

Well in short, people just need to visit your website. You can verify your website with Google and use Google Analytics to track web traffic. Chasi provides all the SEO and analytics tools your business needs to grow. However, you can hire our Pro Services team to design your website and our design comes SEO ready! We suggest hiring the pros to design your website and hiring a marketing team to drive more traffic to your brand.

What about a landing page?

You only need a landing page for now? No worries we have plently of landing page templates. Get started today and finish your website later!

What about hosting and paying for a domain?

When you create your website on Chasi, hosting is included for free. Chasi gives you an out-of-the-box ready to go website. Just sign up, select a template and start editing. You can also buy a custom domain on Chasi or point a domain to Chasi that you bought from a third-party. If you hire our team, we will handle all the setup and domain management for you!

Contributors are granted limited access to make design edits, post articles, and edit products on your site.

Easily integrate Google Analytics with Chasi.

Add custom JavaScript and code to your website.

Grow your brand with our powerful SEO tools with live analytics, keyword suggestions, and content AI.

Use a custom domain name on Chasi. You can buy your domain on Chasi or point your own domain from a third party.

Find answers, watch tutorial videos, ask questions, and hire our design team.

Sleep easy knowing your website is secure.

Start with what you need and add more data later. You can add 5GB increments to Personal and Professional Plans, and 10GB or 25GB increments to Premium Plans.

Add more products as your business grows.



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