Why Chasi? More than just a website builder

Chasi Website Builder Gradient Launch Press Release March 2022

In response to frustrated WordPress users, Chasi is announcing a website builder that is consumer-friendly and streamlines WordPress without server maintenance and pesky plugin updates.

Chasi was announced publicly in April 2022, web designers and design agencies now have access to a modernized WordPress platform that has no server management and troublesome plugin updates. Chasi removes all the headaches and lets you focus on your bottom line, and amazing web design. We include premium licensed plugins with your Chasi plan, and free hosting. You only pay for your Chasi subscription and you get everything you need. 

Chasi Website Builder Home Page View Launch Press Release March 2022
Homepage of Chasi.io, highlighting our advanced and easy-to-use page builder which is built on top Divi.

Chasi is a new all-in-one website builder built on top of WordPress. Chasi’s sole purpose is to streamline website building, modernize WordPress, and make it easy for anyone to build their own website. Chasi makes web design a breeze with free design templates, top-tier features, and the easiest-to-use full-control visual website builder on the market, the Divi Builder. Chasi releases the limits and makes web building fun without complicated plugins & server management that WordPress users are familiar with.

Chasi Website Builder Divi Builder View Launch Press Release March 2022 2
View of the Chasi Page Builder, and its clean user interface. Divi Visual Editor comes packed with many advanced features, such as elegant section dividers and Divi Supreme Pro.

The problem Chasi Solves. A Redundant Design Process.

How should web designers manage their businesses and develop websites; and how should their clients manage and grow their websites alongside their businesses?

Two WordPress developers came together to create a solution to their frustrations. They thought, why couldn’t WordPress just work? Why does it have to be so difficult to create a perfect instance that would load quickly every time, and without complication due to plugin conflicts? There had to be a better way, and this is what fueled the creation of what is now Chasi. It’s pretty simple actually, we provide a scalable framework (chassis) that is consumer-friendly and includes all the features you need to create an incredible website. It just works.

Previously, design agencies would use the typical “pen and paper” method, let’s call it long-hand writing or better yet a redundant and repetitive design process. Designers would provide their services to their clients by building their websites and software from scratch (theirs a lot that goes on behind the scenes). A great analogy would be that every time they would build the entire “Chassis” of the car just to give you a ride from point A to point B. Imagine, calling an Uber and they have to build the car, then they finally get you to where you want to go. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Chasi Integrations. Taking you further.

Chasi gives you the tools and features to launch your website easily. We have over 200+ free templates to choose from and if you want something custom you can hire our Pro Services team. Our easy website builder makes updating your website a breeze, building a website with Chasi Website Builder has never been more fun. There are a wealth of features and options to fully customize every detail to the level your brand deserves. Chasi is loaded with all the tools you need to focus on design and your business needs, giving you the fullest potential to grow. 

Chasi Website Builder Integrations View Launch Press Release March 2022
Utilize a wide range of conflict-free integrations that are available with Chasi.

Before Chasi, for every website a designer launched, they would have to maintain and update each website; including the content, plugins, security protocols, and server maintenance. Now it’s all taken care of and you can focus on design.

Enough of all that. Chasi has changed the tempo.

Before Chasi, Customers were paying too much for what they got, and web designers were performing the same redundant work of preparing software and services for each and every client. Designers would end up price gouging their customers and then hide behind a veil of “it’s complicated”. Guess what, it’s not complicated anymore. Thanks to our solution, it’s now a breeze to deploy a WordPress site and, most importantly, an honest approach. Chasi is your last stop in finding a place to house your website, think of it as your perfect forever home.

Chasi Website Builder Deploy New Chasi Instance View Launch Press Release March 2022
Agencies can deploy websites inside the Chasi Dashboard with a few clicks, including full DNS mapping and auto SSL Security.

Take your website seriously as it reflects your business practices and when done correctly it will boost your branding and business growth.

What’s behind Chasi? Time to drop some names.

Chasi is built on WordPress which powers more than 47% of all websites. Big names such as Sony, CNN, Disney, Best Buy, Spotify, Microsoft, Vogue, New York Times, The White House, Toyota, Katie Perry, James Bond, Star Wars, and so many more.

We have curated the best third-party services that are backed by large development teams. Such as marketing tools, SEO tools, eCommerce applications, and many more. To name a few: RankMath SEO, WooCommerce, Divi, PayPal, Stripe, Square, HubSpot, Tidio Chat, and more.

Chasi Website Builder Templates View Launch Press Release March 2022
These are just a few of the professional templates that Chasi provides for free with all plans.

Our Mantra at Chasi is simple. Do everything right the first time and always improve the process.

We harness the power of the expansive WordPress development community and its services to bring you the best possible product. With little to no effort to you.