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Monthly Plans

Find the perfect pricing that works best for your business and team.

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Additional Vists

Up to 50 Million


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Custom Domain

Mega Menus

Event Calendar

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Photo Reviews

Manual Orders



Payment Plans

Payment Gateways


Apple Pay

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Lead Capture

SEO Tools

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Premium Integrations


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Gelato Drop Shipping


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Custom Scripts

Form Integrations


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Enterprise Solutions

Need more? We provide tailored support and packages for enterprises, non-profits, and large businesses.

Personalized Plans

Flexible options designed to match your current business needs. With scalability in mind, we are able to reduce intital overhead by maximizing resources.

Support Team

Enterprise clients are assigned a dedicated project lead that guides your project to matched your brand and goals.

Industry Leading Security

We set up an optimal hosting environment geared towards security and performance. Rest easy knowing your site is performing at its best.

Always Backed Up

We take data serious and maintain multiple daily backups. Our encrypted servers are located in multiple locations to ensure your data is always safe.

Scalable Architecture

Our server is designed to increase resources on the fly. So you only pay for what you need — when you absolutly need it.

Full code control

Bridge applications via third-party software or plug your API directly into Chasi. Chasi is built on an open source project, WordPress, that is supported by a large development community.

Professional Services

Our Pro Services team will design you a custom masterpeice that is modern, and user friendly. Your dedicated team lead focuses on your project to ensure a quality and customized product.

Easy Billing

Our pricing structure is designed to scale with the size of your business. There are no surprise fees with Chasi — only upfront and transparent.


Chasi is maintained and updated frequently for security. Allowing you to focus on what matters — your business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions and would love to chat with you to learn more about your project. Reach out to us today and we will be in touch shortly to chat about your project.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! All premium Chasi plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Can I switch plans?

Absolutely! After signing up you may upgrade your plan at any time.

Can I buy more data storage?

You bet! Data is sold in increments of 5GB for Personal and Professional plans. Premium plans may purchase an additional 10GB or 25GB.

Do you sell domains?

We do! You may purchase a domain through Chasi when signing up for your plan. You may also point a domain that you already own to your Chasi website after the signup process.

We are a non-profit, do you have discounts?

Absolutely! Contact a Chasi Customer Specialist to discuss pricing.

What are you Waiting for?

Surf the Web like it’s 2084.

Find answers, watch tutorial videos, ask questions, and hire our design team.

Sleep easy knowing your website is secure.

Each unique visits counts towards this limit, returning visits do not count. Each month your visits reset. 

Expecting a surge of traffic this month from a marketing campaign? Purchase additional unique monthly visits in increments all the way up to 50 million.

Start with what you need and add more data later. You can add 5GB increments to Personal and Professional Plans, and 10GB or 25GB increments to Premium Plans.

Reach your audience and boost your web traffic with engaging articles!

Contributors are granted limited access to make design edits, post articles, and edit products on your site.

Use a custom domain name on Chasi. You can buy your domain on Chasi or point your own domain from a third party.

Promote your next event with ease!

Every Chasi plan comes with inventory management, taxes, shipping options, and payment processing through Stripe, Google Pay, & Apple Pay.

Add more products as your business grows.

Ship with local pickup, free shipping, flat rate shipping, or per-product shipping.

Your customers will receive an automatic email to rate and review your products with a photo.

Manually add orders within Chasi Commerce, your customers are then able to pay for their order inside their account.

Create coupons to help increase sales and curate a customer base!

Accept deposits for your orders. Set either a fixed rate amount or percentage based  amount.

Create powerful payment plans to increase payment flexibility.

Connect your own Stripe account to Chasi to accept payments.

Accept Apple Pay at checkout and payments will be processed with your Stripe account.

Accept Google Pay at checkout and payments will be processed with your Stripe account.

Connect your own Square account with Chasi to accept payments and sync your inventory.

Connect your own PayPal account with Chasi to accept payments.

Accept Venmo at checkout and payments will be processed with your PayPal account.

Capture leads with forms and popups then sync your list to your favorite mailing service.

Grow your brand with our powerful SEO tools with live analytics, keyword suggestions, and content AI.

Easily integrate Google Analytics with Chasi.

Allow your viewers to share your articles, products, and pages with more than 50 social platforms.

Show your YouTube feed on your Chasi website.

Display your latest Instagram photos on your Chasi website.

Use HubSpot to generate powerful customer retention with sales and lead integrations.

Integrate your Chasi Shop with ShipStation to manage your shipments and print labels.

Sync your inventory between Chasi and Square — perfect for in-person stores.

Live chat with your visitors and guide them with chat bots by integrating Tidio with Chasi.

Ship items directly to your customers through Gelato Drop Shipping. Seamlessly integrate with Gelato and sell anything.

Live chat with your visitors by integrating Intercom with Chasi.

Import your WordPress seamlessly, perfect for site migrations.

Add custom JavaScript and code to your website.

The Gravity Forms Dropbox Integration allows you to uploads files from your form directly to Dropbox.

Use Gravity Form submissions to create support tickets in Help Scout.

Automatically send form submissions to HubSpot.

Accept PayPal Payments directly through a form submission.

Send form submission notifications directly into your Slack channel.

Accept Square Payments directly through a form submission.

Integrate your Google reCAPTCHA account with Gravity Forms to add spam protection.

Collect feedback surveys and analyze results from the Chasi Dashboard.

Get notified by a text message when a form is submitted or a payment is received.

Automate workflows by integrating your form submissions with more than 2,000 3rd party applications.

No cap on site visits. Pretty nifty right?


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