WPMU vs. Chasi – How Chasi Streamlines WordPress

WPMU vs Chasi Why Chasi Wins Templates Divi

When it comes to website building on WordPress, Chasi outshines WPMU by offering a consumer-friendly platform that eliminates server maintenance and plugin updates. With Chasi, web designers and design agencies can focus on their bottom line and create amazing web designs without complications.

Finally, A Streamlined WordPress Experience

Chasi is an all-in-one website builder that modernizes the WordPress platform and simplifies website building for everyone. By removing the need for server management and troublesome plugin updates, Chasi makes web design a breeze. With free design templates and the intuitive Divi Builder, Chasi offers top-tier features and the easiest-to-use visual website builder on the market.

Chasi Website Builder Divi Builder View Launch Press Release March 2022 2
View of the Chasi Page Builder, and the clean user interface that it uses. Divi Visual Editor comes packed with many advanced features, such as elegant section dividers, Divi Supreme Pro, and Divi Mega Pro.

No More Plugin Conflict Issues

Users on WPMU often run into plugin conflict issues, causing frustrations with WordPress. Chasi addresses this problem by providing a seamless framework that eliminates the need for complicated plugins. With Chasi, you can say goodbye to compatibility issues and focus on creating a perfect website that loads quickly and functions flawlessly.

Premium Licensed Plugins and Free Hosting

With Chasi, you get more value for your money. Unlike WPMU, Chasi includes premium licensed plugins with your subscription, saving you the hassle and cost of purchasing them separately. Additionally, Chasi offers free hosting, ensuring a hassle-free website-building experience without any hidden fees or additional expenses.

View our plugin value proposition: https://chasi.io/agency/

Chasi Website Builder Integrations View Launch Press Release March 2022
Utilize a wide range of conflict-free integrations that are available with Chasi.

A Solution to Redundant Design Processes

Chasi was born out of frustrations with redundant and repetitive design processes. We envisioned a better way to create and manage websites, we wanted WordPress to work seamlessly without unnecessary complications. Chasi provides a scalable framework that is consumer-friendly and includes all the essential features needed to build incredible websites. With Chasi, you can focus on creating without having to rebuild the entire “Chassis” for every website, saving time and effort.

Chasi Website Builder Deploy New Chasi Instance View Launch Press Release March 2022
Agencies can deploy websites inside the Chasi Dashboard with a few clicks, including full DNS mapping and auto SSL Security.

Take your website seriously as it reflects your business practices and when done correctly it will boost your branding and business growth.

Effortless Website Management for Clients

Chasi empowers clients to manage and grow their websites alongside their businesses. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined processes, Chasi ensures that clients can easily update and maintain their websites without relying on technical expertise. Chasi’s intuitive platform makes it simple for clients to take control of their online presence and make changes whenever necessary.

In the battle of Chasi vs. WPMU, Chasi emerges as the ultimate solution for effortless website building with WordPress. With its streamlined experience, freedom from plugin conflicts, the inclusion of premium licensed plugins, and hassle-free hosting, Chasi offers a superior alternative to WPMU. Say goodbye to server maintenance and plugin updates and embrace Chasi for a seamless website-building experience that allows you to focus on your creativity and business growth.