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Sponsored: Back Porch Series by Skylight Music

September 21, 2023

We would like to welcome the Back Porch Series to the Chasi Family. We are grateful to work with Brad and all the great people involved with their music events in Skylight, KY.

Brad provides a beautiful farm and setting for local and regional musicians to come to share their music. It’s all non-profit and any donations go straight to the artists. It’s a great place to listen to music and hang with even better people.

Chasi Sponsors: The Back Porch Series

As part of our commitment to supporting our community and assisting individuals who share our passions, we enthusiastically chose to support Brad and The Back Porch Series by offering them a complimentary website, fully hosted and managed by the Chasi team. We are immensely excited about the initiatives behind The Back Porch Series and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause. Our collaboration with Brad involved creating his website, designing a show banner, and producing promotional stickers to help spread the word about his show.

Website Design

Simplifying things for Brad and his dedicated followers, we aimed to highlight the most essential information: the “When” and “Where.” The website places a primary emphasis on upcoming events and provides all the fundamental details you require. Just arrive punctually, and we’re good to go! The site includes convenient links to Google Maps, their Facebook page, and a comprehensive event calendar containing all the necessary event specifics.

Chasi Sponsers The Back Porch Series

Banner Design

We meticulously crafted an eye-catching 8′ x 2′ banner tailored specifically for their events. This banner not only serves as a dynamic promotional tool for The Back Porch Series but also plays a pivotal role in solidifying a distinctive brand image for the series. With vibrant colors, captivating graphics, and key event information, our banner is sure to grab the attention of attendees and passersby alike, further enhancing the series’ visibility and recognition within the community. It’s not just a banner; it’s a statement of the series’ commitment to excellence and a warm invitation to join in the festivities.

Chasi Sponsers The Back Porch Series

Premium 13oz Banner @ 8’x 2′ (Hemmed and Grommeted)

Sticker Design

In our dedication to supporting The Back Porch Series and its mission, we’ve thoughtfully crafted 6″ x 1-1/2″ stickers that are readily available for anyone interested. These stickers serve as a small yet impactful way for people to actively participate in promoting this wonderful event. By affixing these stickers to their belongings or sharing them with friends and family, attendees can help amplify the visibility and recognition of The Back Porch Series within the community. It’s a tangible expression of their support, a conversation starter, and a colorful reminder of the vibrant experiences this series has to offer. Grab a sticker, share the love, and let’s make The Back Porch Series shine even brighter!

Chasi Sponsers The Back Porch Series

Die-Cut Stickers @ 6″ x 1.5″ (With UV Laminate)

Chasi Family

In conclusion, we warmly welcome The Back Porch Series to the Chasi Family, with a special nod to Mama Said String Band, the featured band in this exciting musical journey. Collaborating with Brad and the passionate individuals behind these music events has been an honor. Brad’s dedication to providing a non-profit platform for local and regional musicians is commendable. Our contributions, including a comprehensive website, attention-grabbing banners, and eye-catching stickers, aim to amplify the series’ presence in the community. We are thrilled to support this noble cause and look forward to its continued success as a hub for great music and even better company. Join us in spreading the love for The Back Porch Series, and together, let’s make a lasting impact on music and community.

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